English Learners

The Columbia School District’s goal for English Learners (EL) is to provide programs and resources that will maximize their potential for reaching English language proficiency while continuing to hold them to the same high academic standards expected of all students.  The district will remove barriers associated with enrolling EL students in school.


The Columbia School District is committed to providing professional development and training opportunities to district employees who work with EL students. By providing these opportunities, there will be a heightened awareness of the importance of these students meeting the annual measurable achievement objectives in order to meet the local, state, and federal requirements and Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


Through the use of technology, learning tools, resources, supplies and parental involvement activities, teachers will be more able to focus on the differences and individual needs of their EL students.  Such focus will lead to EL students having opportunities to progress in learning English and attaining English proficiency.

The English Language Learner program for the Columbia School District offers “pull-out” sessions for students. A pull-out session may be one-on-one or group sessions depending upon scheduling and needs. The success of EL students is a group effort. Instruction and accommodations of a regular classroom teacher and an interventionist are provided.  The interventionist assigned to each school will work with EL students having a proficiency level of minimal or basic for a minimum of one session per week and a maximum of five sessions per week. The majority of the EL students’ time is spent with the regular classroom teacher. According to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the regular classroom teacher is accountable for the EL student’s progress. 

Columbia School District English Learner Plan and Procedures





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