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Did you know?

Jackie Robinson won the inaugural MLB Rookie of the Year Award


Jackie Robinson was the first MLB player to appear on a US postage stamp

Did you know?

MLB chose Jackie Robinson's number as the first one to retire for every team


In 1949, Jackie Robinson became the first African-American player to win the National League MVP award

Jackie Robinson played in six World Series.  His team, the Brooklyn Dodgers, won in 1955.

One School, One Book

The mission of One School, One Book, is to create a culture of literacy in every home.  One of the best ways to help is by reading aloud.  This program will create a reading community within our school, and allow teachers, parents and students to have conversations about what they are reading.  Our school community will follow a shared reading schedule for The Hero Two Doors Down by Sharon Robinson.  By sharing one book with our entire student body, we will share the love of reading with our entire school.  We will have a special guest reader every day and publish the chapters they read here.  Please join us and follow along with your child as they read each night.  Please read the above letter from our principal for more information about this program.  

Chapter 1

Mrs. Leslie Smith

CES Assistant Principal

Chapter 3

Gabe Shepard

USM Pitcher

Chapter 5

Logan McDowell

Univ. of Louisiana Monroe

Chapter 6

Trey Hobgood

Pearl River Wildcats

Chapter 7

Sara Bardwell

CES Teacher

Chapter 8

Brandon Smith

MSU Baseball Player

Chapter 10

Paul Mainieri

LSU Head Baseball Coach

Chapter 2

Coach Kyle Lindsey

CHS Baseball Coach

Chapter 4

Wiley Cleland

Univ. of Louisiana Monroe

Chapter 5

Colby White

West Marion Graduate

Pitched for PRCC & MSU

Drafted by Tampa Bay Rays

Chapter 6

Domonique Griffith

Alcorn Baseball Alumni

Chapter 8

Katherine Johnson

MSU Mascot - Bully

Chapter 9

Eli Johnson

CHS Baseball Player

Chapter 10

Taryn Antoine

LSU Softball Player


Ms. Kim Davis

CES Teacher





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